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Money Magnet

Money Magnet

Money MagnetCash is NOT evil. Cash is GOOD. Cash is power. Just like any kind of energy (fire, electricity, steam, etc.) you can use it to accomplish much good. You can enrich the full lives of your relatives and buddies. You can subscribe to charitable and philanthropic factors. You can make contributions to culture and your own well being that you never thought possible before, once you start accumulating money. Once you recognize and respect the power of money, you’ll begin to notice that your capacity to attract cash and money making situations has begun increasing. Money really wants to flow towards those who understand it, and certainly will appreciate its energy. This subliminal movie, MONEY MAGNETIZER, is exactly about programming your subconscious aided by the comprehending that you are an enormous Money Magnet. As soon as your subconscious accepts this, and thinks that YOU are worthy of getting money, you will be amazed during the way things appear to organize themselves in your monetary favor.

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This video contains HUNDREDS of SPOKEN commands that are subliminal all made to reprogram your subconscious with all the idea that cash can be your right, money is good, while can accomplish much good along with it. Some the suggestions that are subliminal:

you’re a money magnet.
you always attract wealth.
Cash comes to you always.
you are happy you are a money magnet.
Your happiness and joy are strong money magnets
you are a money magnet, wide range is pouring in your life
you are Wealthy
you are Prosperous
you might be Abundant
you are Financially Free
you might be a Success
you’re a Money Magnet
you Attract Prosperity and Riches
You are filled with happiness and joy which are strong money magnets.
you are a money magnet and cash comes to you easily and often
you’re A MONEY MAGNET!!!
you are a Multi Millionaire money magnet
everything you touch turns to gold
Money flows for your requirements, abundantly and effortlessly.
you’re a money magnet.
Unknown way to obtain income come to you
You are financially guaranteed and blessed.
You’ll do whatever we want.
You have all the cash we are in need of.
you are a money magnet.
Money comes to you frequently and easily
…and hundreds more!

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