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Money Magnet II

Money Magnet II

moneyMagnetII_with_shadow_resized_150_jpgMoney is an amazing style of energy. It can enable you to journey to far away places that you’ve only imagined so far. It enables one to enrich your life plus the everyday lives of your friends and family members by providing material necessities, education, and spiritual activities. Whenever you do not have to concern yourself with money and having to pay bills, your mind becomes absolve to explore, to test the limitations of your personal imagination.

This meditation that is subliminal, Money Magnetizer II, is an extension of just one of our most widely used videos. Whereas the initial cash Magnetizer just had spoken subliminals, this video has both spoken AND visual subliminals, if you wish, or you can listen and watch for added subliminal entrainment so you can just listen. This enhanced version contains many updates that you have to see AND hear to believe while the message of Money Magnetizer II is similar to its predecessor!

Play The Lite (Preview) Version Below

You Can Instantly Download The Full Version By Clicking  Below The Video – Or You Can Get Access To All Subliminal Videos By Becoming A Member Of Abundant Mind.

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A number of the a huge selection of SUBLIMINAL COMMANDS contained in this movie include:

You’re Prosperous
You’re Abundant
You are Economically Totally Free
You’re a Success
You are a Money Magnet
You Attract Prosperity and Riches
You’re filled with happiness and joy that are strong cash magnets
You’re a money magnet and money comes to you easily and frequently
You are a Multi Millionaire cash magnet
Everything you touch turns to gold
Money flows to you, amply and efficiently
Unknown way to obtain income come to you
You are economically secured and blessed
You can certainly do whatever you want
You have most of the cash you need
Cash comes for your requirements often and easily
…and HUNDREDS more like these

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