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Millionaire Mindset II

Subliminal Meditation Video – Millionaire Mindset II

When you have a Millionaire Mindset, you are able to view money as just something that comes to you, as something that is always at your disposal. Always having money “just is”, and it becomes second nature. But along with being able to attract the people and situations needed to accumulate money, you have be able to handle your money like a millionaire. You have to be responsible with it, make sure it’s working for you, make sure it’s being invested correctly, and make sure the taxes are handled correctly. Hey, if you want real money, you have have a mindset that handles it for real.

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This subliminal manifestation video, Millionaire Mindset II, is a continuation of the original Millionaire Mindset, which is one of our most popular subliminal videos. This high intensity subliminal meditation video includes both SPOKEN and VISUAL subliminal commands. Some of the subliminal commands include:
You create massive wealth for yourself
You know how to tap into the essence of true wealth
You keep your thoughts firmly on wealth and abundance
You joyously accept a million dollars into your life
You rejoice in being a millionaire
You have unbreakable confidence in yourself
You have the will and the desire to reach unlimited heights of success
You have the talent and knowledge to create a million dollars
You are a millionaire
your mind is highly focused on making large sums of money
You believe in yourself completely
You are highly motivated and productive
You always work hard
You have an intense drive to be rich and successful
You are dedicated to becoming a millionaire
You are certain that You will make large amounts of money
You are naturally motivated and persistent when going for your goals
You work hard and push through negativity and criticism
You will be a millionaire
You will make millions of dollars
You achieve massive success
your mind is becoming totally focused on making money
You are starting to become more and more motivated to make money
You will keep moving forward
your belief in yourself is strengthening
You are transforming into someone who is highly driven to achieve wealth
You deserve to make millions of dollars
…and HUNDREDS more like these.

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