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Attract Money And Luxury

Attract Money And Luxury


Moneyluxury150_with_shadow1-150x150The commands that are subliminal this video are about attracting money and luxury. I made this video for myself initially, I included some commands that regarding specific financial goals I had at the time, such as manifesting $1000 a day, often $2000 a time, which are goals I have achieved and surpassed since then. I myself believe that there was absolutely nothing wrong with having money, or surrounding your self with luxury, so long as you are not taking away from or hurting some body else. Money, as I’ve constantly stated, is just another form of energy. You’ll exchange that energy for travel, medicine, self enhancement, helping others and many other things. Money in and of it self just isn’t bad. Cash is very good to have. And people that have money are not automatically bad. I know a lot more “good” people that have money than otherwise.
With regards to luxury, I takes it or leave it. I prefer to sit in a nice big leather-based seat in a finely decorated room when I work, because I feel that it relaxed my mind more, enables me personally to give attention to being creative. But I don’t require it. I can also work on a park bench if I have too. I just prefer luxury. And who doesn’t actually prefer convenience to disquiet? Our bodies that are physical become cradled in luxury. Just don’t let the accumulation of cash and luxury itself be your end goal. Yourself most likely in a very cold, unsatisfying existence if it is, you’ll find. Instead, concentrate on exactly what that money and luxury may do that will help you add absolutely to the global globe, to people you know, and to those who need help.

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The subliminal commands that are embedded in this video include:

I deserve all of my wealth
I deserve most of my riches
I make at least $1000 per day
Sometimes I make $2000 a day
I make at minimum $30,000 each month
I make more money than I need
I am free to accomplish what I love
I am experiencing satisfied
I am attracting more wealth
My money allows me travel
I have always been surrounded by divine substance
I have actually unlimited abundance
I travel because of my cash
I am worthy of respect and love
I have actually a vision that is clear
I achieve my goals now
I have always been valued
I have always been rich with creative ideas
My brain is unlimited
I provide creative ideas to the entire world
I love my cash
I utilize money for enlightenment
I use money to learn
I am unbeatable
I have the strength of the Universe
I am mighty
I am brought by the Universe money
My imagination is rich
I am always receiving more money
I easily build a fortune
Divine ideas come in my experience
I effortlessly create abundance
I easily earn a lot of money
I have always been free
I go where ever I want
I get better every time
I accept all the wealth the universe offers me
I am receiving help that is divine
I take pleasure in the things that are good life
I create success easily
I create abundance easily
Every i grow more prosperous day
I constantly get exactly what I want and require
The universe provides for me personally
Cash and riches are moving if you ask me now
My entire life is love and joy
I naturally attract individuals
I love and attract money now
I am made by the Universe prosper
…and hundreds more like these, both in very first individual AND third individual commands.

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