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Ancient Money Attractor

Ancient Money Attractor

ancientmoney150-2_with_shadow1-150x150Money, and the ability to attract money, has been around for a long, long time. Even as far back as thousands of years ago, there had been individuals who understood that money was simply another form of power that you could use for travel, building, recovery, pleasure, freedom and many other uses. Those who learned to attract and control money had the energy to build civilizations, or tear them down.

Similar is today that is true. Lessons of ancient civilizations that learned to attract and control money nevertheless apply. Money can still bring delight, joy, healing and freedom, but hurt and pain also if not used properly.

Over 35 minutes of high strength subliminal training in the full version of this video that will program your brain to accept that cash is energy, a belief that goes back to ancient times. This belief was used to attract and maintain vast amounts of money. Ancient masters of money managed to build, and destroy civilizations by controlling the flow of cash.

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You can attract money to yourself just like ancient people did when cash first came into use. Your mind can help you attract the people and situations that will close help bring money to you. But you must focus, and program your subconscious mind to recognize and seek out money making individuals and situations. This subliminal video will do that. It’s just a small taste of what the COMPLETE version can do, but it’ll change the way you feel and consider money and your capability to attract it. Some of the money attracting subliminal programming in this movie includes:

I accept nutrients into my life with gratitude.
Every thing I touch turns to gold.
Every dollar I spend enriches the economy of the world.
Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.
Every day in every way my finances are getting better and better.
Every i am getting more and more money day.
Even when I have always been not working, I am making a income that is fantastic.
Each month my profits double.
Persistence and dedication come naturally to me
Because of my appreciation that is great for, success follows me personally wherever I go.
Because I love what I do, I have become a money magnet.
An abundance of money is flowing swiftly towards me.
All the money I require and desire is moving into my life now.
All the money I desire is moving into my life.
All the cash i could want to flowing possibly towards me right now.
All of the cash I need is coming into my life now.
All cash I spend returns to me tenfold.
I always have more than enough money to satisfy my needs.

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